A collection of thoughts from the margins of my painting practice, SPACE|R began while taking classes in HTML to try and make a website for my art many years ago. The website didn’t take, but I began thinking about the writing as an integral part of the constellation that is being a creative. My web design teacher asked us what we thought was the most prevalent image on the internet. The answer was not a person or a place or even a thing really. The most ubiquitous image on the internet was a single invisible pixel stretched and cropped to help web designers with their layouts.They also had the added benefit of taking up virtually no memory for fast load times. A spacer. I have always been attracted to little things like that and so spacer was born. Much like those invisible pixels a creative practice has a lot going on behind the scenes. I wanted to share a small portion of those margins and meanderings because it has been so vital for me to read and talk with other artists and creatives. Our minds and our work can feel isolating and unfamiliar at times but our emotional and intellectual thought processes are not only normal but necessary for our sense of wellbeing in the world.